Our solutions

Optimize your performance without increasing your costs. We provide game-changing solutions tailor-made for your needs, whether you're upgrading existing equipment or building from scratch.

Design & automate processes

Retrofit or new construction? We’ve got you covered!

One size rarely fits all for your BMS. That's why we design cutting-edge solutions tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need a quick fix for your current system or a complete overhaul, we’re ready to help you:

  • Design mission-critical HVAC control systems (Tier III & IV data centers)
  • Build chilled water control systems
  • Select the right technology and equipment
  • Develop your communication networks
  • Build management systems and address HMI programming
  • Handle controller programming and integration
  • Tackle modeling and simulations
Design & automate processes

Integrate & install projects

Design-built or plan & spec

Seamless integration is key for effective real-world operation. We handle everything to get your projects up and running without hiccups, including:

  • Getting the right instruments
  • Building and designing control panels
  • Installing instruments and controls
  • Setting up cable and conduit layout
  • Managing project subcontractors
  • Commissioning the project
  • Design-build
Integrate & install projects

Consult with experts

Got a complex HVAC control case? Let’s talk.

For projects requiring deep domain knowledge, our HVAC control experts provide comprehensive guidance to guarantee your project's success. Here’s how we can help:

  • Recommending the right equipment
  • Assessing your HVAC controls design
  • Consulting on HVAC automation
  • Analyzing your processes for optimal flow
  • Defining your project and scope
  • Checking design & economic factors
  • Assessing your process feasibility

Train your team for peak efficiency

Empower your team to get full system mastery

We deliver an HVAC system that’s easy to maintain. We back this up with tailored training sessions for your team and robust manuals on instruments, valves, and controls to help you get the most out of the system. This means:

  • Fewer maintenance calls
  • Smoother system operation
  • Reduced energy consumption

Deploy energy management solutions

Skyrocket efficiency while gaining predictive insights

Feel like your energy usage could be improved? Our advanced technology gathers scattered energy data across your organization and merges it to give you an accurate picture. This shows you:

  • Your energy consumption and costs
  • Areas of improvement
  • Predictive analytics
Deploy energy management solutions

Take advantage of grants & subsidies

Not capitalizing on government funding? Get onboard fast.

We partner with experts to help you find and secure the best funding opportunities for your project. Enjoy federal and provincial grants to boost your ROI without any obligation on your part. With PHS, you get:

  • Grant and subsidy exploration
  • Expert recommendations
  • Ongoing support
Grants and subsidies

Enjoy 24/7 service & support

Reach peace of mind with smooth operations

Our customizable service plans keep your system running smoothly with features like:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Factory module replacement
  • Lifecycle support with site assessment
  • Firmware & software upgrades
  • Hardware calibration
  • Emergency on-site services
  • Alarm analysis
  • Spare parts management
  • System health-check
Service and support

Marry the most suited technology and process expertise available

Emerson Delta V

Aveva Wonderware

Rockwell automation

Osisoft - now Aveva


ABB Cylon

Honeywell Optimizer

Crafting cutting-edge solutions

Cut through the noise, gain clarity amidst a sea of technology options, and define the optimal technology package with us. We select the most suitable technology and equipment tailored to the unique needs of the Mission Critical Data Center industry.

Marry the most suited technology and process expertise available

We rigorously assess emerging technologies, industry requirements, and business trends to ensure our designs not only integrate the most advanced technology but also the most appropriate. This methodology enhances system resilience, boosts energy efficiency, and achieves unparalleled system uptime while contributing to lower overall costs.

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