Our expertise

We design, deploy, install, and commission HVAC control systems with absolutely zero downtime – even in the most demanding conditions throughout Canada.

Our approach

Seamless building automation from start to finish

HVAC building automation controls can be overlooked in larger projects, potentially impacting system reliability. This is particularly important for mission-critical facilities like data centers.

PHS Canada delivers comprehensive process automation. Our end-to-end solutions expertly manage HVAC, UPS, power distribution, generators, and fire detection systems with precision, ensuring efficient operation and reliability.

Cost effective & reliable

Precisely controlling temperature and humidity is vital for operational efficiency, energy savings, and uptime. But many operations face obstacles like:

Inexperienced vendors and integrators
Process shutdowns during changes
Not enough backup and fault tolerance
Too much service maintenance
Poor system performance
No remote monitoring
Too reliant on operators

We’re here to help

We can help you bulldoze through these operational roadblocks to keep your systems running at absolutely all times while saving money.

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How PHS stands out

Get the most value from your money. Achieve complex or simple transformations with ease.

Using technology effectively is a smart investment with long-term benefits. Our solutions ensure your HVAC control system is reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and built to last.

Why choose PHS?

  • Attain mission-critical, industrial-grade HVAC mastery

    Our specialty in mission-critical environments means unmatched HVAC expertise to give you industrial-grade, cost-efficient systems designed to work flawlessly for the long haul.

  • Design-build robust control systems

    Our end-to-end process automation (from design to installation) lets us engineer efficient control systems from the ground up. This means less maintenance and no costly repairs later on.

    On top of that, our piping, mechanical, and process control expertise means your projects are executed smoothly, and your systems operate at peak levels.

  • Test drive your system

    Our thorough “Design for Start-up” approach virtually tests control algorithms before installation, identifying issues early to cut commissioning timelines and costs.

    PHS’s process versus typical commercial-grade automation methodologies

Technologies we use

Cutting-edge tech selection

Cut through the noise. We always use the latest technology to offer you the best possible package for the unique needs of your mission-critical facility.

Match technology with process expertise

Our designs integrate cutting-edge technology with industry requirements for resilience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

We selectively use the most appropriate emerging technology, considering your specific needs to enhance system resilience, improve energy efficiency, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

Emerson Delta V
Aveva Wonderware
Rockwell automation
Osisoft - now Aveva
ABB Cylon
Honeywell Optimizer

Make BMS communication work

Our expertise extends to advanced proficiency in network protocols and transmission modes. We excel in system and device interoperability, skillfully bridging various platforms to facilitate seamless communication across different protocols.

Foundation Fieldbus®
Proprietary DCS Networks

Marry the most suited technology and process expertise available

Emerson Delta V

Aveva Wonderware

Rockwell automation

Osisoft - now Aveva


ABB Cylon

Honeywell Optimizer

Crafting cutting-edge solutions

Cut through the noise, gain clarity amidst a sea of technology options, and define the optimal technology package with us. We select the most suitable technology and equipment tailored to the unique needs of the Mission Critical Data Center industry.

Marry the most suited technology and process expertise available

We rigorously assess emerging technologies, industry requirements, and business trends to ensure our designs not only integrate the most advanced technology but also the most appropriate. This methodology enhances system resilience, boosts energy efficiency, and achieves unparalleled system uptime while contributing to lower overall costs.

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