About Process HVAC Solutions (PHS) Canada

At PHS Canada, we raise the bar for reliability by designing and deploying HVAC control systems that work with 100% uptime, even in Canada's most demanding conditions.

Our story

For nearly two decades, Process HVAC Solutions (PHS) has been the gold standard in electrical and HVAC automation controls. We’ve been instrumental in setting standards for Tier III and Tier IV control systems in data centers since the early 2000s.

In 2021, PHS Canada was formed thanks to the growing demand for network and IT infrastructures. It capitalized on three key advantages from its parent companies (PHS and Laurentide Controls):

  • PHS’s mission-critical HVAC automation mastery
  • Laurentide Controls’ position as an Emerson Impact Partner and a 50+ year legacy
  • Laurentide Controls’ reputation as Eastern Canada’s top automation solutions provider

Today, PHS Canada offers innovative solutions and exceptional service for the industry’s toughest operational challenges.

PHS our story

Our purpose:
Give control

We exist to help you get a hold on your systems.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple: Help mission-critical operations prevent business failures and save money with HVAC systems that will not fail. To do this, we design and maintain building management systems (BMS) that are reliable, energy-saving, and cost-effective.

As an added bonus, our climate control solutions are guaranteed to work at peak levels and maintain ideal conditions at all times. Plus, you get full control over all essential HVAC building automation systems in critical environments.

PHS our mission

Our values

We work and live by these guiding principles:
Positive mindset
Does everything proceed according to plan? Rarely. Persistence, adaptability, and maintaining a long-term perspective are key to achieving success.
Team first
PHS thrives on collective team effort. Exceptional project delivery can only be achieved with strong collaboration between internal resources, external partners, and customer contacts.
Each role offers the opportunity to make a positive impact within its scope of action, but this also comes with responsibilities that must be fully assumed to ensure things get done.
We are fostering a culture of excellence. Diligence in the workplace is not only essential for ensuring quality assurance, compliance, and customer satisfaction — it is the only way to work.
Transparent iconTransparency
Building trust is paramount in everything we do, which is why we pride ourselves on being 100% forthright and transparent in all our interactions.

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